PoleAbout Education Institute Face to Face Programmes

There are Five different levels of education that allows you to become involved with the organising and delivery of Pole Walking sessions:

Pole Walking Physiotherapist Express Workshops (3hrs)

* Pre requisite: Designed specifically for Physiotherapists Professionals

Pole Walking Leader Education Package (2 Days)

* Pre requisite: For Volunteers in Non-profit organisations or allied health professionals

  • Pole Walking Coach Level-1 Education Package (2 Days & 15 CEC's)

* Pre requisite: Fitness Professionals (Cert-3), Sports Coaches or the same level

  • Go WalkAbout Community Coach (Acceptance by Application only)

* Individuals wanting to start up a Walking Club, with no prior skills or qualifications.
* Under our Community Brand name with a Proven Successful Systemised approach.
* Under our friendly licensing agreement where you win-your customers win-we all win.

  • 4 Feet Fitness WalkPro Coach (Acceptance by Application only )

* For the Fitness/Sport Industry Professional wanting to offer a whole new innovative way of fitness &  health & wellness.
* Under our Community Brand Name with a Proven Successful Systemised approach.
* Under our friendly licensing agreement where you win-your customers win-we all win.

PoleAbout Education programs are designed for :

  • Group fitness and health instructors
  • Personal Trainers
  • Physiotherapists and other rehabilitative health professionals
  • Sports coaches & fitness trainers
  • Individuals with no prior skills or qualifications in the Fitness/ Sport / Health
  • Anyone wanting to start a home-base business to supplement their income

Depending upon the education package the face to face training hours vary from 8,16 to 40 hour program after which Leaders/Coaches receive a Validation License and a Qualified Accreditation Certificate with a 2 year registration/membership to the PoleAbout Internation Network.

Comprehensive training manuals & DVD's and program formats are also provided.

Courses are indicated which are designated accredited with Fitness Australia.

Training courses for 2008 in Australia are listed below:

Please note: Nominations close 14 days prior to course date.


Pole Walking Coach
Level - 1



Email/Phone to register interest 

Email/Phone to register interest 




Email/Phone to register interest 

 Email/Phone to register interest 



Email/Phone to register interest

Email/Phone to register interest 



Email/Phone to register interest

Email/Phone to register interest


Download registration form: Click Here

For more information or other enquiries :

Please contact- Mike Gates.

info@poleabout.com.au or call (07) 5523 2889

Other Locations are welcome and are considered on a demands basis .

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